Ishaq  Kunle  Sanni
The Christians in Nigeria  when  they have an agenda to marginalise the Muslims  on a higher pedestal they start screaming that  the Muslims  want to Islamise Nigeria
Ironically what  is empirically  provable  is that Nigerian since the colonial  era had been terribly and unabashedly Christianised unapologetically and if any Muslim  attempts  to point out this marginalisation  and Christianisation  the propaganda  machinery  of christendom  is put in high gear and the person  branded a fanatic and an Islamic  bigot.
It is just inordinate  Islamophobia  at work.
Let me give two examples
When General  Gowon  for economic  reasons  took Nigeria  to OIC on observer status with the hope of becoming  a permanent  member Christians shouted foul that Gowon  their  man was being  railroaded to an Islamisation  agenda of Nigeria  through  the back door. The permanent  status of Nigeria  was scuttled  when  countries  with bigger Christian  population  who saw the economic  advantage  of OIC like Gabon and Cameroon became  permanent  members  those who love to hate anything  with Islamic  connotation were shouting indiscriminately all over the place
When Nigeria  ran into economic  doldrum during  Babangida’s military  interregnum the government  a drowning one toyed with the OIC permanent  member ship. Christians  demonstrated in many parts of Nigeria  to corroborate their disdain  for the economic cartel. They have no basis  except  the Islamc  appellation
At the end of the day it was a Christian  President,  Olusegun Obasanjo aka Aburu Maku, Ebora Owu ( Owu Demon) who was  stampeded by another Christian Finance Minister Okonjo Eweala for Nigeria  to benefit  from  the interest free Sukuk of the Islamic Development  Bank. Ultimately  Islamic Bank  was introduced  in Nigeria with Jaiz Bank  being the pioneer
Interestingly  most of the customers  of Jaiz Bank are Ibos who are interested  more in the elevation of their business  than any primordial  religious sentiments.  SUKUK Islamic  loan had been used  to construct  roads across  the country  being traversed by both Muslims  and Christians
So what did the Christians  lost by our membership   of OIC and establishment  of Islamic Banks? Conversely they have gained a lot and their unmasqueraded  animosity for anything  Islam  would  not make them acknowledge  it
Young men now are oblivious  of periods in our Nation  when Islamic  festivals  were not granted  holidays in Nigeria
The colonial  carry over are legion
Our school  calendar are tailored  towards Christian festivals  to allow our Christian overlords  have plenty  of time to celebrate  their festivals
We have Easter break not less than two weeks.  We have christmas  break  not less than three weeks. This allows  the Christian  children socialise and enjoy family affinity with their families a privilege  unavailable  to their  Muslim  counterparts.
Most Muslim  children  can not travel home to celebrate  with their parents  because  only two days are magnanimously allocated by the Federal  Government  for the Muslim  Festivals  of Eid el Fitri and Eid el Adha
Every Sunday since the colonial  era all Government  establishments  used to close  to allow Christians  go with their families to church
In 1972 during  Gowon  era the seventh  day Adventist  who are in microscopic  minority  persuaded General  Gowon  to allow them a free Saturday  so that they can have a whole day to go to church  with their families
Muslims didn’t demonstrate  against  this or accuse Yakubu  Gowon  of christianising Nigeria.
We Muslims have been made second class citizens in a country in which we have numerical  superiority  . Yet some  bloody , shameless and Ungodly  Christian leaders would  go abroad  to vomit gibberish  that christianity through  government  officialdom is on the path of  being completely  annihilated in Nigeria.
All the nomenclature  or our academic identification  in Nigeria is burrowed from the church
Woe  betide a university  that names his vice chancellor MUDIR. There would  be outcry of  Islamisation  from our traditional traducers  who loves to antagonise anything Islam.
When Lecturers spend seven years of uninterrupted lecturing they don’t  go on jumat leave, they proceed on Sabbatical  leave  coined after  Christian sabbath  day .
The academic  gown forced on graduands in our tertiary  institutions is styled after the chorister uniform  of  christendom  and only some rebellious Muslims  reject it on the day of graduation and wear traditional  outfits and they look like outcasts.Ditto  for the lawyer and judges official uniform . It took the sacrifice  of a heroine Amasa Firdaous  who refused  to remove  her  Hijab at the law school  and lost  one year of graduation  before our women  are allowed  to wear Hijab with their  Christian  oriented  law uniform  at our law schools.
What of the  symbol  of our hospitals.?  Is it not the Christian  cross and the red cross that is the blood of Jesus allegedly  shed at calvary?
Is  Nigeria  not already terribly Christianised?
It took decades of  persuasion,  demonstrations and at the end of the day court cases that went to a sweet victory  at the supreme Court  before our Muslim  students are allowed  to put on  their Hijab
Ask a  Christian  which is better for women to dress  modestly  in Hijab and cover the sensitive part of their bodies  like the mother of Jesus Mary and  the Catholic Reverend  Sisters or accommodate girls who  go about in almost absolute  nudity and irresponsible and Ungodly nakedness.  One would  have thought  Muslims  and Christians  would  synergise  in Advocacy  towards  legalising against this unbridled  immorality  in our country.But No  whatever is Islamic no matter how great and fantastic  Nigerian  Christians  must shoot it down  through  the realm of well ochestrated unintelligible antagonism
The Christians know that at best Tinubu is a nonchalant  Muslim who has no pedigree  of  antagonising Christianity.  Most unfortunately some of his pro-Christian  antecedents  smacks of being stampeded  to aid christianity at the inglorious  expense  of Islam.
He danced to the tune of Christians  by returning  back schools  taken away  from them by a Christian  head of state Obasanjo  in 1975 after they were adequately  compensated.
Can you point to a prominent  Christian  in Nigeria  who would  marry  a Muslim  woman  and be magnanimous enough  to allow  her practice  her religion.?  Tinubu not only allowed the wife to practice  Christianity he  was part of those  who witnessed  her investiture as a pastor  of Redeem church . Today Redeem  church  is the most   vociferous  in making sure that Tinubu’s  ambition  to become  the President  of Nigeria  is truncated irrespective  of his wive’s loyalty to christendom. What a pity and height of ingratitude  to a husband  whose  religious  neutrality is legendary.
Like many people  have said
When Tinubu  was Governor  of Lagos state  there were  more Christians  in his cabinet  than Muslims.  What was uppermost  in his psyche was their professional  competence and his Muslim  compatriots  did not look at him with disdain for footnoting them in the Affairs  of lagos state. They are only proud that a Muslim  no matter his nonchalance to religiosity is doing  them proud in taking  lagos to an unprecedented  height never achieved  by his  predecessors
Tinubu  felt and we fought  a battle  against  him that Muslims  were dominating the Gubernatorial  spectrum  of lagos state and undemocratically imposed a Christian  Ambode and later Sanwoolu the present  Governor of state
Is this the man who would  Islamise Nigeria?
The Christians  are experts when  it comes to exploring  propaganda  to achieve  an aim or shout the Muslims  to a position  of surrender
Most of the hysteria against  Muslim/Muslim ticket  is from  Yorubaland.  Yet in Ekiti and Ondo state with though minority  Muslim  population  but substantial  enough to be given recognition  but it is always  a Christian/ Christian  ticket and the Muslims have always  maintained  a peace driven taciturnity.  Ordinary  secretary  to the government  they are  blinded by fatuous  Christian  bigotry  not to dash the Muslim  population
In Benue and Plateau it is always a Christian/ Christian  ticket without  qualms  or feeling of guilt
The new Governor  in waiting  in Osun  Ademola  Adeleke  went to the achieves for his Muslim  name Nurudeen  and even used it to coin his political  slogan  Imole  which  is NUR in Arabic . This was to bamboozle  the Muslims  who are in numerical  superiority  in Osun  state in general  and Ede his home town  in particular.
But the next day after he won his first port of call was the church  where  he did what he knows  how to do best dance to Christian songs. The honeymoon  with Islam  is over. He has pooled a wool over the face of the undescerning  Muslims. On Monday when he was interviewed  on channels he told him his name is Ademola  Nurudeen Adeleke  because  his father was a Muslim  and his mother  a Christian.  May be he is practising chrislam time would tell.
Certainly and  I say without  any  fear  of  being  contradicted  that the Christians  are suffering  from  collective  amnesia.  When Yakubu Gowon  was in power  the naval chief a Christian Vice Admiral Joseph Akinwale Wey was  the number  two in that Government
Later chief  Obafemi  Awolowo was released  from  prison  and made the vice chairman  of the Federal  Executive  Council. He was also a Christian.  No Muslim  cried foul.
If Islamisation  is Tinubu  pairing with Shetima to lead Nigeria  to the promised land let it be in in 2023. Heavens  will not fall
It is time we abandon  Saturday  and Sunday as our free days  of the  week
If adopting  Friday  and Saturday  which actually  was the Biblical  day recommended  for  resting which  Christians  have abandoned  for Sunday to be in absolute  conformity  with the roman  worship  of the sun god  through  Emperor Ceasars imposition let the Islamisation  commence  tomorrow.  If the president  who looks  tired and would have wished tomorrow  is 29th of May 2023 does not have the courage  to do it out of political  timidity  let Muslim  States in the North  like Jigawa  kano, Bauchi and Borno to mention but  a few go ahead  and give us free Friday to go for jumah  on Friday  with  our family  as Christians do on Saturdays and Sundays.
Let us  scrap  all Christian  vestiges in our national  life which  Christians take for granted
Muslims  should  no longer  be second  class citizens  in this country
Our school  holidays  should   no Easter  break or Christmas  break or we chose eid el Fitri break and Eidel Adha break as well. What is sauce for  the good is sauce for the gander.
Our sea port that is always closed  only on Christmas day should also be çlosed on Eid el kabir days for equity.
Cross should  be removed  as symbol  of health  from  our hospitals.  Let it be replaced  with  crescent
Let us get neutral  appellations  for the heads of our tertiary  institutions  or change VC to Mudeer
There should   be nothing  like Sabbatical  leave.  It could be changed to Research  or working leave
The so called  common law is Christian  law and that is within its legislative  confine. polygamy is an anathema in our  so called  common  law that in all intense and purposes Christian. Lord Campbell  a British  jurist attested to this truism  when she said common law is mostly  Christian  biblical  laws
So we should  have  Shariah  supreme  Court  where  Allah’s  divine law would  be adjudicated at the highest  level.
First of January  is a public  day. It has a Christian  antecedent but the first of Muharram  is not a nationally recognised  holiday though  some states  in the county  including  Kano , oyo, and Osun  have institutionalized  first of Muharram  as public  holiday.
Let it be National even if some Christians as usual  will cry to high heavens  ISLAMISATION
They are professional anti Islamic barbarians  and noise makers
Let the Islamisation  be done with those at the corridors  of  power  closing their ears to the cacophonic  shouting  of those who think  Muslim should  play the second fiddle in a country  in which  we have an overwhelming  and incontrovertible  majority

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