Nobody Can Come In-between Me And Fayemi – Ekiti Governor-elect 

Ekiti State Governor-elect, Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji  has said nobody would come in- between him and his political mentor and leader,Dr Kayode Fayemi as he prepares to take up the mantle of leadership.

Oyebanji hinted that he had received robust mentorship in leadership and governance from his principal, Dr Fayemi stressing the international  connections and goodwill of the outgoing governor would be of immense value to his administration.
Speaking during an interactive session  with journalists n Ado-Ekiti ,as part of his inauguration activities, Oyebanji argued that great leader always emerge during the most challenging moments of any society .
He explained that over years ,he had learnt  the art of sustaining relationship and flow with the ideological  stand points of his leaders and mentors without necessarily leading to open confrontations.
The incoming governor, who acknowledged  that expectations are high also promised to roll off his sleeves and take up the challenge.
With God’s guidance, Oyebanji promised to assemble an array of competent, committed, courageous, transparent, and God- fearing people” who would support him in meeting the People’s yearnings and deliver on his campaign  promises.
 “I want to work with competent, committed, courageous, transparent and God-fearing people. My government will be all- inclusive. We are bringing those that will add values to our dear state and our party, APC.
“Whoever I will bring on board, we are going to monitor their activities and ensure that they relate with the locals, people at the grassroots. That is why I want to live in my village at Ikogosi to encourage other appointees to live in their localities”, he said.The incoming governor, said  focusing on the above three  thematic areas  will help to increase investment drives that would create wealth, and ignite human capital development, through job provision and revenue earnings.

Oyebanji stated that  he will create a separate and indepedent Ministry of Youth Development to spearhead his  human capital development plan, by severing the Sports section from the Ministry and makes it a Commission.

“My vision is to have a society where everyone will feel secured and prosper. If the state is not secured, have the right Infrastructures , investors won’t come. We know that we can’t control or command the security forces as a state , but we can support them to deliver.

“The state presently enjoys just 20kws of electricity daily. But we will tap into the transmission line being built from Osogbo to Akure. So, power, security and access to Ekiti will be utmost on my priority list”.

On how to build the knowledge economy, in line with the global and modern trends, Oyebanji, said he will work with the State House of Assembly to tinker with the curriculum and inject Robotics and Artificial Intelligence as a study.

“I will have to strike a balance between growth and development. Our development plan will be such that it will improve the people’s living standards.

“You may build Infrastructures, yet the people will remain poor. We should all know that knowledge and talents’ development create wealth, that was what Chief Obafemi Awolowo did in the old Western Region”.

 “I will learn from Governor Kayode Fayemi, who has sustained  the partnerships and relationships with development partners to make more monies for our state.

“We will be transparent and work hard to  build strong institutions, rather than  strong men to help our people.

“We can do  N1.2billion monthly IGR without necessarily putting pressure on our people. If those not captured or not paying taxes are convinced to pay or brought to the tax dragnet, our IGR will increase and we will spend it judiciously on areas of priorities”.

Oyebanji stated that he won’t pose as a leader with monopoly of knowledge or having superior mental capacity and capability than anyone, saying he will always rub minds with all the strata of Ekiti to usher in development.

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