Now Available:Prime Green Projects Launches Irresistible Offer At ” Oak City” 

The Prime Green Projects has launched an irresistible offer of home ownership where cherished memories come to life.
Welcome to Oak City, an invitation from Prime Green Projects and Innovations Limited to invest not only in a house but also in your family’s future and comfort. Join us on a journey where family, comfort, and affordability seamlessly intertwine.
Oak City is not just a place; it’s a haven for families. Envision your children playing in expansive green areas, laughter resonating through playgrounds, and family gatherings in meticulously designed gardens. Oak City is where cherished memories come to life.
Your comfort is our priority. Choose from various home options tailored to meet your family’s needs: a cosy semi-detached duplex on a 350m² plot, a spacious 4-bedroom penthouse on 400m², or a grand 5-bedroom detached duplex on a 500m². For those with bigger dreams, an 800m² plot for a block of 6 flats awaits.
There is an instant homeownership option , our outright payment offers are irresistible. Your dream home is more affordable than ever.
Now guess what? The entire project is premised on rent to own! – your key to homeownership in Oak City! A unique 72-month payment plan makes owning your dream home a reality. Secure your preferred house with just 40% of the price within the first 24 months, gaining possession and the joy of moving into your new abode. The remaining balance? No worries – comfortably spread it over the next 48 months. Kickstart your journey with a minimal registration fee of 50k. We’re also turning dreams into deeds in Abuja! Becoming a proud landlord in the heart of Abuja starts with just 75k. Seize the opportunity, secure your future, and let the keys to your new life be handed to you. Your dream home awaits – start your journey today with Rent to Own Reloaded!
Oak City isn’t just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle. Picture the convenience of having everything your family needs right at your doorstep – markets, police stations, worship centres, shopping malls, gyms, soccer pitches, and more. Oak City is designed to enhance your family’s quality of life.
 Oak City stands as a testament to the belief that a beautiful, family-centric home can be both affordable and luxurious. Invest in Oak City today, where family, comfort, and affordability unite to create the life you’ve always dreamed of.
“Oak City – Your Family’s Future, Your Comfort, Your Affordability”

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