Obidients ‘ Threatening  My Life  For Congratulating Tinubu- Ohanaeze Youth President Criesout 

National President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide, Mazi Okwu Nnabuike has alerted members of the public of sn alleged plot by supporters of the defeated Presidential candidate of Labour Party (LP)  to kill him for Congratulating the President elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.
The Igbo youth leader said some persons who he did not reveal their identities were colluding with security agents to harass, intimidate and even sniff life out ot him .
The Ohanaeze youth president said he remained unshaken and would never yield to the intimidation by some selfish persons who do not mean well for Ndigbo.
He, however, said “I am putting the entire nation on notice that should anything happen to me, the sources of the attacks are known.
“Security agencies should not allow themselves to be dragged into this.”
Recall Okwu, a few days ago, congratulated Tinubu while urging discontent parties to allow the court to adjudicate on their petitions.
The president stressed that the election window was over, and that governance was underway.
However, in a recent statement, Okwu revealed he had come under dangerous threats after congratulating the President-elect, according to Daily Post.
According to him, “some persons who are annoyed that I congratulated the President-elect have sent machinery in motion to take me out of the way.
“They are employing every means, including using the DSS and other security agencies to make sure that I am cajoled and silenced.
“What is wrong that I congratulated the President-elect? Is Ohanaeze now a political party?
“There are Igbo people in APC, PDP and LP; and we are serving the interest of the entire Igbo regardless of their political affiliations.
“Like I said earlier, Bola Tinubu is the President-elect and he will be inaugurated on May 29. The aggrieved parties are in court and until the petitions are decided, we all have to support Tinubu to move the country forward.

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