Police  nap Bayelsa big boy”Lion”  for Kidnapping 

Bayelsa big boy and That is Lion. instagram guy notorious  for flaunting illicit wealth has been arrested for kidnapping
The suspect was arrested in Abuja, the Fedetsl capital Territory.
He’s a notorious kidnapper but also a worshipper.
Lion, like Hushpuppi flaunts money.Lion, in one of his numerous videos where he was flaunting money asked people to ‘hustle’.
Lion has put many families in sorrow and pain but when he was eventually caught, he said that his wife just put to bed.
Lion loves his wife and his new baby.
Millionaire Kidnapper, John Lyon a.k.a IK- Kpai-kpai
John Lyon is from Bayelsa State.
▪︎ Born on 22 Dec 1986.
▪︎ He was a former staff of Sterling bank.
▪︎ He uses the name Lyon interior hub as a cover up for his many kidnapping activities.
▪︎He spends lavishly in clubs.
▪︎He claims to be a graduate of the University of Calabar.
▪︎He was recently involved in the kidnap of one Danjuma, a bank staff where he and his men successfully demanded over 50 Million naira and have confessed to having committed the crime.

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