Police Task School Proprietors on Job Fitness ,As Careless Driver Causes Death of Two Pupils  In Lagos 

Police authorities in Lagos State have admonished school Proprietors to place premium on safety and wellbeing of the pupils .
The Police Public Relations,SP  Benjamin Hundeyin gave this admonition following an unfortunate incident  which led to the dead of two pupils .
The incident, was said to have occurred on Friday, July 8 2022, while the driver was taking the pupils back to their homes after the close of school, adding that it was only on realisation of that some of the students had collapsed that the driver raised an alarm and called for help.
Confirming the story, the Police Image Maker explained that the  children, who were returning home from school located at Aguda area of Lagos, met their ugly fate in the hands of the uncaring driver identified as Odunsa Mandala, who allegedly ignored their complaints of being uncomfortable, until it was too late.

Though the desired help came and and the children were rushed to the hospital, including the Lagos State Teaching Hospital and others to Randle Hospital, two of the pupils could not be revived alongside others, said to have been saved by medics, who rose to the occasion.

“Yes, the driver has been arrested but the young souls are already gone, sadly so. A school bus driver ignored repeated complaints from the kids he was taking home that they were not feeling well. Some of the kids went unconscious, two eventually died.

“Schools need to up their game in recruitment and pay more attention to job fit. Parents too need to do thorough background checks of schools and crèches before entrusting their kids into their care. Meanwhile, the relevant regulatory agency has been notified of this act of gross negligence. Security is everyone’s business,” he was quoted to have said.

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