By Sunday Saanu
      Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), has officially declared that political parties could start electioneering today. This is one of the days I fear: I believe once all the political parties begin their campaigns, preparatory to the 2023 elections, the possibility of resolving the crisis in the university system will be eclipsed as everyone will be preoccupied with politics.
      Politicians will be jostling for power while the intelligentsia are languishing in poverty, having been denied their salaries for the past seven months! Indeed, there was once a country. You swore to protect everyone. Millions of people are dying in poverty and you have no solution to their problems, what moral right do you have to still be addressing yourself as…. ? God is on the throne.
       Is it ironic that Boko Haram urchins who declare that they don’t want western education in Nigeria are now jubilating  that they have won the battle? May God divinely intervene in our national matters.

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