Presidential Poll: Figures Recorded In Geopolitical Zones 

February 25,2023 Presidential Poll’s Results in the six geopolitical zones as declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)
In the North West,
Tinubu scored 2,653,235
Atiku scored    2,329,802
Obi scored.         350,188
In the South West
Tinubu scored 2,279,407
Atiku scored.      941,941
Obi scored.         846,478
In the South East
Tinubu scored.        127,605
Atiku scored.             91198
Obi scored.           1,960,589
In the South south
Tinubu scored.       799,957
Atiku scored           719,908
Obi scored.            1,210,673
In the North East
Tinubu scored.      1,185,458
Atiku scored.          1,741,851
Obi scored                 315,108
In the North central
Tinubu scored.       1,670,091
Atiku scored.           1,087,884
Obi scored.              1,133,840

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