By Kola Olabisi
For the umpteenth time, the Office of the Osun State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has faulted the feckless Senator Ademola Adeleke Transition Committee over its copious spurious and uncircumstantiated allegations against the ruling administration of Governor Gboyega Oyetola.
It would be recalled that the self-styled and feeble Transition Committee, few days ago, accused Oyetola’s administration of maladministration, diversion of assets, illegal appointments and contract awards in violation of due process.
The Office of the Osun APC chairman in a statement issued by the Media Adviser to the chairman, Kola Olabisi, in Osogbo, the Osun State capital yesterday, appealled to the members of the public to discountenance the barrage of the trash-talks from the ineffective committee which were aimed at disparaging the performing Governor Oyetola and his administration.
As long as the PDP handlers remain recalcitrant, the APC would not cease to tutorise the daring opposition party’s handlers and their allies in Osun State that there is no way that their  needless perpetual cacophonic voices of the opposition would distract or prevent Oyetola from discharging his pact with the people of the state under his constitutionally-allowed first tenure of four years which is even legally renewable.
It has been observed that the persistent clangor of the katzenjammer from the political rumour mill of the Osun PDP is deafening and distractive to the innocent members of the society and should be  disgraceful and embarrassing to the source of the unpleasant and extremely irritating political bowwow.
Without bordering to go into the specifics of the said allegations again, it is gratuitous to remind anybody or a group of people who chooses to toe the line of  incorrigibility that Governor Oyetola has the robust constitutional backing to function in the office during his first tenure till 12 midnight of November 26, 2022.
The Osun PDP should stop playing God as if it’s blessed with the clairvoyant attribute of the content of the pregnancy of a proverbial snail.
While Senator Ademola Adeleke should learn how to wait for his turn if it is the wish of God for him to occupy the driver’s seat in the governance of Osun, he, along with his political allies, shouldn’t lose the sight of the fact that the Osun election hasn’t been fully won or fully lost as it’s still a subject of a fierce litigation.
It is expedient for the desperado PDP to allow Oyetola be within his lawful tenure while Adeleke, if God destinies him with governorship fortune, has the constitutional latitude to do away with any of Oyetola’s policies that he may consider impossible for him to continue.
My understanding of the nation’s constitution is that there can’t be two governors in a state which is the lawful reason why it will be an anathema for Adeleke to want to run Oyetola’s government for him. Mba!  Ko le work!
Another pedestrian accusation was that the state deputy Governor Bennedict Alabi is masterminding the plundering of his staff quarters to the extent that he was replacing the pumping machine and his official vehicles!
Those who are coming up with such a flimsy and cobwebby allegation should cover their faces in shame because they don’t know that Alabi is a man of integrity, rectitude, virtuousness, morality who comes  from a good home and was not denied the teaching of the ethos of Omoluabi by his parents unlike what is notably in vogue among some adults with wobbled parenting who are a veritable source of disgrace to their family from left, right and centre.
When one thinks about the market value of a pumping machine, it won’t be an overstatement to suspect that those alleging the deputy governor of plundering his official quarters need an urgent emergency attention of Yaba by the left side.  The horrendous allegation which stinks to high heavens should be discarded as lacking in substance and truth but merely orchestrated by meddlesome interlopers to misinform the public.
Another obnoxious allegation from the pit of hell was that there have been a questionable manner of award of contracts in SUBEB with intent to defraud the government.  This allegation is not based on facts and could be better consigned to the realm of a mere concoction and fabrication.
There is a laid down rules and regulations governing contract awards in the Osun State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) offices across the nation of which anyone who is in doubt or has an issue with is free to approach the government agency rather than being a sedentary critic who is being fed with fallacious and fabricated information aimed at discrediting the agency in order to get at Oyetola.
It is worthwhile to state that the SUBEB allegation is a non-issue while Governor Oyetola has an unfettered constitutional power to hire and fire throughout the remaining part of his tenure.
Allow Oyetola to be.

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