Saudi Makes Gains On Economic Reforms,Retrieves $100 billion in Anti-corruption 

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with its Vision 2030 launched in 2016, is implementing massive social and economic reforms.
The Saudi Public Investment Fund assets increased from 500 billion Saudi Riyals in 2016 to 1.5 trillion Riyals in 2020 (the fund is expected to bring in 150 billion Saudi Riyals to the Saudi economy every year).
Opened up the country for foreign tourism and investment (for the first time!).
Diversified the economy away from oil (non-oil revenues are now 48% of the annual budget).
Started working on the localization of the defense industry (imposed 50% localization requirement for every military equipment contract).
Cracked down on corruption ($100 billion was retrieved).
Invested in renewable energy (Saudi Arabia enjoys one of the best locations in the world for sun exposure which can be used to meet local demand for energy and also export it to the rest of the world, remaining yet again, an energy provider!).
Launched mega-projects that are 100% powered by renewable energy such as NEOM, the Red Sea Islands, Amaala.
Appointed women in senior roles in the government and the private sector as part of a massive campaign to empower women. Here are some examples:
Women were given their full legal rights (abolished the male-guardianship system.
Lifted the ban on women’s driving. Hijab has become a personal choice. Boosted women’s participation in the workforce).

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