Soyinka Opens Up : There Was Grand Plot To Scuttle 2023 Presidential Poll  

Says :  Emefiele’s Crime ; Worst Than Treason
Nobel laureate, Professor  Wole Soyinka decried the current hardship occasioned by cashless policy introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria.
Featuring on a Live  Interview Programme  on Channels Television tagged Roadmap 2023, Soyinka spoke of an alleged ground plot to scuttle the 2023 .
Soyinka  alleged that some anti-democratic forces had perfected plot to scuttle the genersl election, even before it was conducted.
He also alleged part of the plot was to create a hostile economic environment  for the incoming administration  inorder for it fail the people.
The elderstateman’s comment is coming ahead of the inauguration of the new administration on May 29.
The elderstatesman therefore urged the incoming administration to earn the public trust by assuaging  their feelings by fulfilling his electioneering promises.
Commenting on the current cash crunch,  Soyinka  argued that the nation’s economy had been grounded with the crude manner the CBN governor Goodwin Emefiele  implemented the policy .
According to him,what Emefiele did to the country is worst than trrssinabke felony srresing that he must not be allowed to go scot  free
Relaying his personal experience on Naira Scarcity, Soyinka explained that it took the intervention of a Bank official who  gave him few cash  to spend .

Soyinka said the government of President-Elect, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, must place a renewed focus on the persistent calls for restructuring, otherwise its programmes and policies will face serious challenges.

He said, “Whomever it is must understand that the people of this country will not cease demanding a restructuring of this nation.”

“New voices are being heard and they are more powerful than before. They are not just whining voices, they are voices based on actualities. We have failed in so many directions and they are saying, ‘let us try in this direction’ and you cannot ignore it.

“Otherwise, even your economic policies will fail, your infrastructure and transformation will fail. We will just go back threading the same old spur.”

According to Soyinka, a mould has been broken during the just concluded elections.

Professor Soyinka also called on Africa leaders to brace up for another re-colonisation agenda by the world powers. He warned that unless most Africa states get their arts together, the second phase of scramble for Africa might take place soon.

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