Standup  Order  To Yoruba Monarchs: OBJ  Acted Ignorantly – Afenifere 

A  Socio-cultural and political Organization, Afenifere Renewal Group, has lampooned former President Olusegun Obasanjo recent open disrespect to traditional institutions in Yorubaland .
The  ARG,  Publicity Secretary, Prince Michael Ogungbemi, in a statement said  that  any attempt, deliberate or otherwise, to ridicule, denigrate or vitiate institution like the kingship won’t be tolerated from anyone.
It described as  condemnable, the brazen denigration of traditional institution by  Obasanjo, saying such unconscionable conduct was least expected from someone who parades high ranking chieftaincy titles in Yoruba race.
ARG threatened to deploy every power within it to  vehemently resist  any onslaught on the sacred institution of Obaship in Yoruba land, branding monarchy as  priceless and highly venerated to be treated with scorn and opprobrium.
The  group, maintained that such conduct was akin to a patent hubris informed by military mentality taken too far.
The group posited that the institution epitomizes the nucleus and highly  treasured as well as  functional cultural values of Yorubaland that shouldn’t be desecrated by anyone.
Afenifere stated that ex-President Obasanjo, adjudged to be an elder statesman of Yoruba extraction, and who claims or pretends to be culturally-oriented, was the least expected to undermine such sacred institution.
Prince Ogungbemi stressed that political office holders deserve unqualified respect and honour that is synonymous  with their exalted offices, but shouldn’t be an avenue to hide to roundly abrade monarchical respect or throw mud at the Obas.
 “What protocol demands is that when political leaders gets to any public functions where traditional rulers are seated with royal splendour, it behoves on such political leaders to match gracefully with an aura of dignity to exchange greetings with such traditional rulers on seat.
” Further to the above, it must be noted that while terms of office of political office holders are transient, traditional rulers have longer tenure of office that outlives such political tenure of office.
“While what former President Obasanjo did was indisputably condemnable, unconscionable, rude and uncalled for, he could be pardoned on the assumption that he acted in ignorance without considering the import of such brazen impunity.
“The throne of the traditional rulers, especially in Yoruba land should not be for whatever reason, be subjected to gratuitous opprobrium and undisguised contempt by any individual no matter his or her status in the political space.
“The fact is that traditional rulers are fathers of the nation,  therefore, should be accorded respect and honour deserving of such reverend fathers”.

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