With due respect to Baba Iyabo , I have observed  lately  that penchant for double speak and desire to ignite unnecessary  controversy is one thing nobody can take away from former President  Olusegun Obasanjo (OBJ ). If a man ,through God’s grace survived where many have perished , rose through the ranks to become a General  in the Nigeria  Army, Minister , Head of States and lately President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, could still not EARN  respect,particularly in the midst of his own people, then Baba needs to check or  re-evaluate himself.
With my little knowledge about the Yoruba culture and tradition, the occupant of the throne is considered  not only the oldest,but the wisest and most superior and honourable in the community. No matter the age of the monarch, and I dont think any constitution can take away such honour from our Traditional Rulers.
Having listened  to the bizzare sermon of the former President  to Yoruba  monarchs at a public event in Oyo State, and the crude manner  by which it was delivered, one would wondered what Baba Iyabo  was up to.Is it not the  same  OBJ who has  been seen and captured on camera  prostrating before  other monarchs ,outside of Yorubaland ?
The danger here is that, If care is not taking, very soon ,Local Government Chairmen would begin to demand respect from some revered  traditional rulers in public , since the former ,according to the constitution,  is “superior ” in rank to the latter. The simple truth here is that the Obas and the governors know how to respect one another at public functions without  necessarily being prompted by  a third party or  MEDDLESOME INTERLOPPER .
Above all, we must commend our monarchs for showing superior maturity by tolerating the excesses of our their subjects.
I  also read OBJ recently claiming  that Nigerian Refineries can never be fixed. This is  somebody who was given the opportunity to rule the nation  for eight  years .You can imagine such a  comment coming from a supposed elderstatesman.What Baba is simply telling us as a people  is that what he  cannot achieve as President,no one can achieve it . I think ,we must now  understand  why Nigeria is not working .
Yaqoub POPOOLA is a journalist and Public Affairs Commentator

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