Stop Amplifying Religion Faults Lines ,Encourage Inter-Faiths’ Marriages –  Security Expert,Jaru  tells Nigerians 

Secuirty Expert,Honourable Israel Adesokan(alias Jaru) has dismissed the heated debates trailing the appointment of former governor of Borno State, Senator Kassim Shettima as Runningmate to the All Progressives Congress(APC) Presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT) describing it as misplaced.
Hon Adesokan, former Senior Special Assistant (SSA ) on Internal security to governor Kayode Fayemi urged  religious leaders to live above sentiment and peace and unity in the country .
Commenting on the political hullabaloo about choice of Shettima, the ex governor’s aide said rather than opening playing politics ,religious leaders should lead their congregations in embracing peace, progress, and unity of the country.
He described Senator  Kashim as a defender of the Christian faith who  according to him ,appointed many Christians  into his cabinet while he was governor of Borno state.
The APC chieftain also advised faith based leaders to stop fanning the ember of discord and disunity in the country with their provocative utterances.
He argued that ,if religious leaders are genuinely seeking religion balancing ,the ought to have encouraged inter-faith wedlock .
” Religion should not prevent  good men from  governance, intelligence and competence from leading.  Let’s Stop Hypocrisy and Embrace Unity…
” If indeed the religious leaders clamouring for balance and muslim-christian ticket truly mean it, they must preach, celebrate and wed christians to Muslims in their churches and celebrate interreligious unions.
” This will indeed prove that Nigerian truly want balance in governance as well as marital relationships. This will promote equity and equality. Charity must begin at home.” Adesokan posited
Speaking  further Adesokan said ” Shettima is a man of proven records who has done more to lead people all over the nation to greater heights of progress and Transformation. It would be a shame to reject him just because he is a Muslim. We must all look beyond entrenched self-interest, region and religion when issues of national interest come up.
” It is high time we transcended politics of tribe and look up to the great potential in competence, intelligence, and capabilities which Mr Kashim Shettima possesses, Jaru admonished.

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