Subsidy Removal : Task Force  Shutdown Fuel Station In Ekiti Over Exploitation .

The Chairman, Ekiti State Petroleum Task Force, Hon. Israel Adesokan (alias  Juru) has described the sudden upward and unilateral review of pump prices by some Independent marketers in Ekiti State as criminal and unacceptable.
Adesokan who moved round Ado-Ekiti with his team following complaints by residents that most fuel dealers now hoard their products while  the few ones  dispensing had jarked up their pump prices from N2430 to N600.
Though, those caught indulging in the sharp practices have been sanctioned, with their stations shut down,  Adesokan,  however warned that the government of  Biodun Abayomi  Oyebanji  would not condone acts of sabotage or intended to inflict untold hardships on innocent Nigerians.
Speaking after effecting the closure of a filling station in Ado-Ekiti ,Adesokan said  ” I passed through this place yesterday and this Fuel Station was dispensing its product at N230 but ,because President Bola Ahmed Tinubu declared in his inaugural speech that Fuel Subsidy  had gone,  these people suddenly increased their pump price to N600.This is pure wickedness and no government would condone this.
“Mr President just talked  about it in his address, it has not been implemented  yet, so I dont  expect anybody to start exploiting motorists or members of the public  based on this “
The artificial had paralysed both economic activities in the State as few vehicles now ply the roads.
Meanwhile, the governor is expected to  meet  with the leadership of the Independent Petrol dealers this evening .

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