Threat To Life : Housewife Renews Call For Police Protection 

Threat To Life : Housewife Renews Call For Police Protection
Months after  she  uncovered  threats to her life ,a 36 year old  Housewife,Mrs Adedeji Alafia Ibukun  has renewed call for  Police protection from unknown assailants.
The victim,who temporarily relocated to Lagos in the wake of the threats to her life said the assailants  have not  left her of the hook .
” I was surprised that months after I thought I have been saved from repeated threats to my life,due to relocation, the assailants  have traced me to my hideout in Lagos and have since resume the threat.
“I dont really know what my offence are to warrant this kind of threats .I want the security to expedite action on their investigations. ” Ibunkun said .
Recall that the victim ,who leaves at Water Works Area of Ado-Ekiti had sent  a Save My Soul Message to the Police authorities in Ekiti  said that the suspected cultists had dropped a threat letter at her home .
“That on Sunday, 11th April, 2021 when I and my family returned from Church, I met a typed written paper pasted on my door. I was so terrified to see this type of letter because I didn’t offend anybody that can warrant such a letter. I am the type of person that always mind my business. I am an easy going person.
“The content of the letter got me frightened that I became afraid every day. It reads that ‘‘I should join a fraternity and failure to do so would make me regret my life or rather perish’’.the statement  reads in part
Adding “after a while, I didn’t see anything of such on my door again then I thought  I was a free person. To my surprise, I met another typed written paper dated  12th September, 2021, pasted on my door in which it was also stated emphatically that I should join an unknown fraternity and according to the statement therein , failure to do so would make me regret my life or rather perish.
“This second letter made me worried a lot to the extent that I managed to move around in my neighborhood. I was confused on whether to report the matter to the Police or not since I was warned.
“Not too long, on January, 23rd, 2022, I saw another letter on my door, when I checked this last date and compared it with other dates written on the previous letters, I discovered that they usually come to paste the horrible letters on our door on Sunday when everybody had gone to Church.
“It was this last note that made me decided to report the matter to the Police and besides on entering my room, I discovered that my house had been burgled and my laptop and voter’s card were stolen as well.The hoodlums escaped with the receipts kept in the pack. I became so much afraid and very uncomfortable to the extent that I and my family had to move out of the apartment because we did not know their next line of action. Also, I don’t know what they would do with my identity card taken away.
“To this end, I urge the Police to deepen on the investigate the matter with a view to save my soul/Life and bring these people to book.”
All efforts  by the victim to seek refuge in other states  proved abortive as her assailants kept  trailing her with threat messages.

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