Unveiling  Adelekes  Political Dynasty In  Osun State 


Adeleke family in Ede is a very strong one ,interns of political influence and wealth. The family has produced far more successful politicians and businessmen more than any other in Osun State in particular  and Nigeria,as a whole .
It is on record that the family had produced three Senators and two  democratically  elected governors and one of the finest billionaire businessmen in Nigeria .

Their father, Senator Raji Ayoola Adeleke was a die hard Awoist. In fact he was a top UPN Chieftain in the Second Republic and the Senator representing most of the Osun division. Osun was then under Old Oyo State. So the family is naturally Progressives.

They have no business with the PDP.  Pa  Raji Adeleke was a Muslim leader in Ede.  Ede is predominantly a Muslim town. But he married an Igbo Christian and nobody in Ede said pim.  That’s Yoruba for you.

* His wife  was Nnenna Esther  Adeleke and she  was from  the Core East  and she founded  Cherubim and Seraphim in Ede and environs. See the Yorubaland religious tolerance.

* Only one of his sons, Senator Isiaka Adetunji  Adeleke (Serubawon = make them panic)  followed Baba into Islam. All other children and grandchildren are Christians thus following the mother Nnenna.

* Dr Tajudeen  Adedeji Adeleke (Pacific Group, Adeleke University, Davido’s father and the wealthiest of the family) is a supremo of the 7th Day Adventist Church. He is a tough Christian.

That’s why all his children including  Davido went to Babcock University owned by 7th Day Adventist Church. When his brother died as a Senator,  he pleaded with Aregbesola to allow Ademola To replace him. Aregbesola refused and they moved to PDP and defeated Aregbesola’s candidate  with Ade the Dancer dancing only. But now,  he is talking,  mostly in  Yoruba.

Senator Nurudeen Jackson Ademola Adeleke (Ade the Dancer) is a Woli Agba in his mother’s Cherubim and Seraphim Church. Forget the propaganda of Friday stunt appearances in Mosalasi(Mosque). Many Yorubas have both Muslim and Christian names.

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