I  took a trip to the palaces of my Kabiyesis , Kabiyesi Onimojo of Imojo and Kabiyesi Elesun of Esun, both of them fell victims in the hands of their attackers early this week,  under circumstances  that I am yet to come to terms with, granted my knowledge of these Kabiyesis both of whom I have had profoundly close relationships and shared very deep affiliations  that dates back to years .
The Onimojo, a very cerebral and intellectually sound Kabiyesi, very engaging and always thoughtfully involved and concerned about the betterment of our constituency, particularly when I had the opportunity to represent the constituency.
Kabiyesi always came across with well thought out ideas and insightful suggestions  about how i could improve  my service to the people,  more and better, I will miss our very engaging  moments. He was my plug to other Kabiyesis in Oye LGA.
The Elesun would remain in my heart as a Kabiyesi , so affectionately kind to me, with his matured ideas and suggestions that enabled me to do a number of things right during my tour de grace as a representative of our people.
I am indebted to him for loving me and not hiding it when it mattered most, it gets more painful  because just about the time I visited today, a week ago , we were together at a function where I said I would see him this week because he told me that I had been away for too long.
He had such a beautiful  heart that manifested in his broad smiles everytime, very affectionate.
It really grieves me beyond what I can express that , their journeys have come to an end in this manner and at a time when their counsels would be well sought and desired by all lovers of progress not only in their domains but our constituency and indeed our dear state. I mourn and grief , but left with no choice than to accept this verdict of fate. My condolences to the families and our people in Imojo and Esun.. ki Olorun  da owo ibi duro.. May  we find solace in Gods grace and reassurance of fortitude in the good works they both left behind
I also had to visit my Own Kabiyesi,  the Alara, the lone survivor of the onslaught on our treasured stools. I rejoice with my people in Ara and indeed Ikole LGA, by extension our state for the miraculous deliverance of my Kabiyesi.. ki la ba ti ma so..?
My prayers are that God will continue to protect our Royal fathers in what may appear like an attack on them going by the news that just came out of Kwara State today, and by thesame token, I pray that God will protect our state and our people and ensure sustained peace within our borders ,keeping us all under His wings and covering us all with His abiding  grace.
May we be spared a re occurrence of  this kind of  very sad  situation in our constituency and indeed our beautiful state.. May God continue to imbue our Governor with the determination, wit , grit and wisdom to secure our state, and never to see anything like this again.
May I use this opportunity to salute Governor Oyebanji for the far reaching efforts that led to the release of our Children abducted in Eporo and their teachers, you said you are determined to rescue them all alive and you did,  thank you, its been 2 days of grief ,  thank you for the  demonstration  of high sense of duty, responsibility and commitment to your oath.
We will continue to pray for the peace of our Jerusalem.. i.e Ekiti State under your able watch. Thank you.
Peace within our walls.. sustainably ✌️
Congressman Bimbo Daramola

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