World Cup 2022  :  Qatar Makes Me Love Islam More – Morgan Freeman


Morgan Freeman ,an American actor, director, and narrator.has disclosed that his experience in Qatar has given him more insights about Islam,Muslims and Arab Culture.

The American legend,who is  known for his distinctive deep voice and various roles in a wide variety of film genres said Arab culture actually gave him  better understanding and  love Islam the more.

He said  ” In fact, the Arab culture of Qatar made me love Islam more and I will spread what happened to me among my friends and family about love, respect and human appreciation among Muslims here. God gave me a vision of the right path, and Doha presented the world with the most beautiful in history.”

One of the surprises of the Qatar 2022 World Cup opening ceremony was the appearance of Morgan Freeman, who sent a message of inclusion to all soccer fans.

Actor Morgan Freeman narrated the opening segment titled ‘The Calling’ and told viewers that ‘We all come together here in one big tribe’ as fans arrived in Doha city center for the imminent start of the world’s biggest soccer festival.

Morgan Freeman starred in a message of inclusion at the opening of the Qatar World Cup alongside Qatari businessman Ghanim Al Muftah, who has a disability.

“What unites us is greater than what divides us. We are one big tribe and the Earth is our tent. Together we can make the call for everyone to unite,” the actor noted.

“This is a call to the whole world. Soccer brings people and nations together. There is a common thread of hope and respect. Soccer expands the world, it unites nations in their love for this precious game. What brings nations together, brings communities together. We all have a soccer history, and so does Qatar.”

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