Yorubas Far Ahead  In Liberalism,Management of Diversity – Reno Omokri  replies Iwuanyawu 

Social critic and former Presidential aide ,Reno Omokri has carpeted Igbo Leader and  businessman Chief  Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu  over his outburst of Yoruba people arguing that no tribe in Nigeria exhibited the spirit of liberalism and accommodation better than them (Yoruba)
Omokri  while reacting to the unfortunate comment made by the Igbo Leader maintained that contrary to the enormous notion in certain quarters, the elections held in the SouthWest remain the most peaceful in Nigeria.
He argued that spiritually, “the Yoruba are ahead of the rest of us, in a sense.
The conduct of the Yoruba is a credit to both major religions in Nigeria. Look at the way Yoruba Muslims behave. They make Islam look so cool and appealing. And then look at Yoruba Christians. RCCG, Winners, Deeper life.  The clash between Catholics and Anglicans that happen elsewhere is absent in Yorubaland. “
“I do not know if he actually meant to call Yoruba people “rascals”, or it was a slip of tongue, and he is now trying to walk that back, but I watched the video myself. Let me give Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu the benefit of the doubt. He is an elder statesman and could have been misquoted.
“Yes, there were pockets of violence in Lagos during #NigerianElections2023  but it was overblown and over reported. I know of states were people died. Some in the North, but a lot in the South. I just do not want to mention the states, because some people will turn it into a contest, and it will just lead to argument. However, let me say that in terms of peaceful elections, the Southwest led the way.
“Trying to stigmatise the Yorubas, especially the Yorubas of Lagos (you heard me right) in borrowed colours of intolerance for others will not work. In terms of liberalism, accommodation of others, and largeness of heart, we must give it to the Southwest. And this goes even beyond politics and quotidian life.
“Their live and let live worldview is study in peaceful coexistence. The Yoruba understand and manage diversity so well. If we all had such an outlook, Nigeria’s state would be far better than where she is today.” Omokri said

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