God  Told Me  Terrorists  Plotting Attacks On Nigerian Airports – Prophet  Ologbonyo 

Popular Prophet in Christ Apostolic Church, Prophet Ade Ologbonyo has tasked States and  Federal Governments to beaf up security around the nation’s airports ,inorder to foil possible attacks by terrorists.
Ologbonyo who is the planter of Christ Apostolic Church, Boanerges Assemblies expressed  concern about the safety of Nigerians.
The cleric , in a 13 minutes Video on his verified Facebook page said God revealed to him that Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, Kaduna International Airport, Kaduna State and Muritala International Airport, Lagos would soon be attacked, urging government to take proactive measures.
According to him, what he looks  like a bomb blast which caused people to run from pillar to post.
He also  urged religious leaders to pick days for fervent prayers for Nigeria, adding that international community should also arise and take note.
The Prophet prayed God should reveal the secret and identities of those who are planning this attack on the three airports in Nigeria.
He therefore urged the President of Nigeria, Governors, traditional leaders to take this matter seriously and take drastic step.
 “I have been on 63 days fasting and prayers. I’m not a kind of Prophet that gives or reveals what God says because of popularity or fame. Anyone God has not announced that announces himself would become a tragedy. What I saw this morning was so scary to me. I saw an attack on Nigerian airports and it caused a lot of disarray.
” It looked like a bomb blast and people were running from pillar to post. It was as if the bombing was being shifted from one airport to another; from Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport to Kaduna airport and Muritala International Airport and it was very bloody.”
“Those at the helm of affairs should take note of this, particularly these three airports. They should know that there is a plan of an attack on Nigerian airports. I’m not here to scare anyone, I’m only saying the mind of God. God usually sends His prophet in order for things not to be in disarray. The incident will soon happen if care is not taken. Security agencies should take note of this. Nigerian Army, DSS and the Police should take note of this. Let all Christians arise and pray. The Muslims should also pray. God revealed this secret because He doesn’t want it to happen.”
Recall that some months before the Owo Catholic Church attack, Prophet Ologbonyo gave a prophesy that such attack is looming which eventually happened.

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