JIFORM  Wants UN ,AU To Probe Migrants’ Deaths At Morocco Border

JIFORM  Wants UN ,AU To Probe Migrants’ Deaths At Morocco Border
Journalists International Forum For Migration (JIFORM) has  described as most unfortunate and unacceptable the recent large scale deaths of  African migrants at Morocco border .
JIFORM President, Dr Ajibola Abayomi,in a statement  said the incident was a great challenge to African leaders  .
Dr Abayomi said the alleged  inhumane treatment which led to the death of over 51 Africans at the border between Morocco and Spain was a painful occurrence with no justification.
According to him ,both countries were guilty of crime against humanity for lacking emotional management required by the circumstance, regretting that many African nations were to blame for exposing their ambitious youths to deadly missions by failing to meet the basic needs to guarantee the right to decent life.
” We strongly suspect that this is a planned pure political war between Morocco and Spain given the diplomatic row between the two nations in recent times. We therefore say it is unjust to use migrants to settle their political scores.
“We hereby called on the United Nations and the African Union to properly investigate what the Moroccan authorities diplomatically called a “stampede” of people surging across Morocco’s border fence with the Spanish North African enclave of Melilla last Friday that resulted in this unfortunate incident.”
” The incident should propel other African nations to emulate Sierra Leone on decent work negotiation as a pathway to reducing irregular migration from the continent, the Journalists International Forum For Migration (JIFORM) has said.
” The JIFORM posited that given the ugly trends of irregular migration that time was ripe for serious African labour migration roundtable multi-lateral discussion with the European, Arabian, American and other nations to safeguard young Africans against death, abuse, and other forms of inhuman treatment.” the statement reads  part .
 JIFORM also  praised Sierra Leonean government whose minister of Labour and productivity, Alpha Timbo recently signed a bilateral agreement with the Saudi Arabian government that would guarantee protection and dignity of labour of migrants trained by the Slice of Success (SOS) Labour Global Investments, Ghana led by Dr Princess Kabuki Ocansey, a member of the African Union Labour Migration Advisory Committee.
“Yearly, Africa with the youngest population valued more than gold in the universe is not doing enough to provide jobs, health care, infrastructure, security, education, and other opportunities to rescue the teaming youths from poverty and guarantee their future.
“The sad occurrence at the border of Spain is a direct consequence of failure of the African nations to properly plan migration on the continent for continua reaping of its immense benefits. Sierra Leone is leading the way for others to copy.
“The reality is that African leaders are failing to address the reasons why these migrants are so desperate to move to Europe and elsewhere. We sympathize with the migrants and condemn in strong terms the inhuman approach of the Moroccan and the Spanish security for visiting terror on defenseless people.
“Irregular migration is a perilous journey that we are totally against and must everything to stop; however so long as the adventurous youths are not provided for, they will continue to desperately move to where they can meet the challenges of keeping body and soul.  The right approach is to discuss terms and conditions of labour movement of Africans to the Middle East, Europe, America and other places with sound legislation as it is being done in Sierra Leone, Malawi, Angola, Philippines, and others.
“That way, we will not only frustrate irregular migration, unplanned journey, human trafficking, sex trafficking and smuggling of migrants, but chat a pat way against slavery and achieve migrant protection with rewarding save, orderly and regular migration embellished with economic benefits for all.”
“We are sad that based on the footage of the incident that migrants seeking to cross to Spain were subdued to unthinkable and gruesome situations by the Spanish security agents. While we symphatise with both Morocco and Spain on the death of their security officers, we want to emphatically state that the genocide committed against the African migrants must not be swept under the carpet.
Founded in 2019, the JIFORM is a global media network with over 300 journalists spread across the continents covering migration matters and has been organizing an annual global summit on migration. In 2019, the organization was part of the  media team and journalists that drafted the Media Charter on migration coverage in Tunisia at a global migration conference facilitated by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).
In 2021, between February 25-26, the JIFORM in partnership with the serial international award winning Nekotech Center of Excellence, Ghana organized the maiden African Migration Summit in Accra, Ghana while on June 22-23 in Lome, it initiated the West African Media Migration summit.
The 3rd JIFORM Global Migration summit is slated for Toronto, Canada this summer. Having achieved an international reckoning on migration issues and capacity building for stakeholders, the JIFORM in collaboration with the Medgar Evers College, City University, USA will host the JIFORM Intercontinental Migration Summit in Brooklyn between November 1-4, 2022.

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