High Chief Omobepade Urges Traditionalists To Embrace Peace 

An  Ifa Priest in Ado Ekiti,  High Chief Alaba Fajuwọn Omobepade, Otura Oba Ifa 1, has clarified that it is wrong for anyone to assume that Esu Diety is sane as biblical satan.

Speaking during the World Ifa/Orisa Festival & Pilgrimage, Oke-Igeti 2024, organised by International Congress for Ifa/Orisa Spirituality at Ijelu-Ekiti, Oye Local government,the priest called on all traditionalists in the world, let’s to embrace the course, adding that ,it’s very important”.

He claimed that Esu deoty makes life easy and significantly different from the biblical Satan.

His words, “We are at Igbomole-Esu located at Ijelu-Ekiti to worship Esu Agbaye. We implore everybody who love tradition to worship Esu, it’s not a bad thing. It paves way for someone, it makes life easy life for people.

” Esu is a good and beneficial deity. It is different from the biblical Satan that always do evil. After Olodumare Oba, ifa Orunmila, the next is Esu Odara.

The celebration was taken to Ire – Ekiti , the ancestral home of Ogun lakaaye, before they proceeded to Ilogbo-Ekiti in Ido local government area of Ekiti State to worship the sacred Palm Nuts with 42 heads (Ope Ikin Ifa), which can not be seen in any part of the world.

Ifajuwon said the Sacred Palm Tree has been in existence from time immemorial, whose kernels are used for Ifa divination.

He thereby urged all traditionalists around the globe to keep the traditions of the land abreast.

“We are here in Ilogbo-Ekiti to worship Ope-ikin which is the symbol for Orunmila. It’s a sacred Palm Nuts with 42 heads.

” The palm tree has been in place from time immemorial. It is useful for all ifa priests because ifa palm kernel ( ikin ifa ) which babalawos use for divination and initiation can be found there. Therefore, any prayer people make there are always answered

“To all traditionalists in the world, let’s embrace the course,it’s very important”.

The pilgrimage also had in attendance Britains and lovers of Ifa oracle around the world who have come to Nigeria to celebrate the festival.

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