Little Egyptian tissue hawker shocks organisers,wins gold in marathon

Call it audacity of courage and determination, you may not be wrong,,little Egyptian tissue hawker, simply identified as Marwa  displayed rare talent as he she won gold in marathon.
Though, Marwa  was not part of the arrangement ,she only begged the organisers to allow try her luck and she eventually bit others who were prepared for tournament.
The  10-year-old girl “Marwa” sells tissues in city of Aswan, Egypt.
She rushed to watch a marathon organized for children from a distance and she quickly ran towards them to ask if she can participate.
Although she did not pay the participation fee (EGP 200) , nor did she have the sports shoes or clothing to participate, still she wanted to take part and had the desire to win!
Good enough, the organizers did not deprive this innocent child from playing.  Marwa ran barefoot.. She ran as she used to run after people in the streets to sell them tissues.. She ran with the pride of the poor, she ran as if she was flying towards the sky to embrace the finish line.
“To everyone’s utter astonishment and surprise, she came in first place and won gold medal. Despite her unfortunate circumstances, she believed in herself and didn’t allow any hurdles or setbacks to get in the way of accomplishing her goal.

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