Mallam Abdulazeez Yinka Oniyangi is a kwara born politician to the family of late Dr. Abdulkadri Oniyangi a medical guru who lived his life helping people to fulfill destiny. He is a direct nephew to late Major-General Tunde Idiagbon(Rtd) a frank and no nonsense officer.

He had his educational qualifications from both Nigeria and Abroad to qualify him as a professional insurance guru. He is a core philanthropist in all facets of human life and an MD/CEO of Swift Air Ambulance an organization in charge of medical emergency evacuating patients from one country to another saving lives from possible air mishap, his both paternal and maternal side are characterized with leadership sagacity.

The junior Oniyangi was trained, brought up and baptized with political waters running in the family through his late father. He has been an ardent follower of political activities in the country most especially in 2015 being APC youth vanguard.

He has been very active in Kwara Politics but made his first official elective trial in 2018 when he tested the waters by contesting the governorship position of Kwara State on the platform of New Progressive Movement.

Though he lost the election but won the votes of the people of Kwara State based on his acceptability and impeccable character.

Oniyangi has never rested on his oars since then as he has vowed to turn Kwara State next to Dubai if given political mandate to lead the state as executive governor. He is a progressive and advocator of the masses and have been working behind the scenes using his personal resources, contacts, and political ingenuity in supporting Tinubu-Shettima Presidency in 2023 through so many frontiers. Currently he is Tinubu Support Organization(TSO) Coordinator for North Central and is the man behind the mask “Candido” for most successful support organizations for Tinubu-Shettima and some women groups. He is also a Patron of Tinubu Mandate Group, National Alliance for Bola & Tinubu/Shettima, Tinubu Intelligence Network, Technical Adviser of the National Coordinator of Progressive Ambassadors for Tinubu & Shettima.

In his exclusive characteristics he is a silent achiever who doesn’t want public announcement about his work based on his life philosophy but I strongly defied his belief by bringing his hidden work to limelight for the purpose of emulation by others and awareness by the people concerned hence they’re direct beneficiaries of the gesture. This is done in good faith to encourage him to do more till the result is achieved.

His footprints in Kwara Politics can never be overemphasized as both old and new generation breed are looking unto him to salvage the state political doldrums, being a humble man with large heart, big war chest, deep pockets with strength of a lion and calculations of eagle wishes to deliver Tinubu-Shettima in office first before going to the next level of Kwara beaconing.

Mallam AbdulAzeez Yinka Oniyangi could be likened to a messiah in waiting to take the people of Kwara State to the promise land all things been equal. He talk less and act more. Congratulations as you delivered on your promises for Tinubu-Shettima 2023 and Nigeria as a whole. Behold, society is a mirror to everyone as nothing is hidden under the sun, a good work is like smoke no matter how you cover it it will finds it’s way out. THANKS TO ONIYANGI for all his good work in Tinubu-Shettima, 2023 Project.

Dr. Nasir A.O writes from Abuja.


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