Muslims Celebrate  Islamic New Year HIJRAH  1444 AH 

As we celebrate this new hijirah year 1444 AH , let us make a resolution to achieve greater heights and attain success together as a community. The kind of success that we should aim is the success that does not leave anyone behind.
Today, we need to continue to harness this legacy of our beloved Prophet s.a.w. We believe that we are a proactive community that can contribute to the larger human fraternity and propel together as a community towards success and goodness.
We help one another, support each other and work together with everyone as we strive to achieve excellence. We lend our helping hands to anybody in need and participate in the common good.
Let us be like the bricks to one another, as commanded by our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.
NOWADAYS, we sometimes use the word ‘hijab’ and ‘hijrah’ interchangeably. However, the meaning of hijrah is so much more than that! Wearing the hijab can be part of your journey towards self-improvement. But it’s not the be-all and end-all. Every little effort that you make to better yourself and get closer to God is an act of hijrah. Making sure you forgive everyone before you sleep – that’s hijrah. Controlling yourself when you’re angry – that’s also hijrah.
Hijrah is one of the most pivotal events in the history of Islam. It is the defining moment that shaped the next phase of the Prophetic mission in spreading the message of love, peace and harmony.
Historically, hijrah refers to the migration of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w from Makkah to Madinah as commanded by Allah s.w.t. Faced with persecutions and threats to their lives, the Prophet s.a.w and many of his companions sought refuge in Madinah.
In Madinah, the Muslim community, led by the Prophet s.a.w built a new oasis of success and progress that propelled the birth of the renaissance of Islam. The Muslim community in Madinah, which was made up of Makkah immigrants and Madinah natives, co-existed with people of other faith traditions. Together, they built a strong community and established a city that radiates blessings to all.
In internalising the message of hijrah, there are five key points that Muslims today can relate:
Hijrah is about achieving success through hard work and determination
The historical hijrah marked the transformational phase of Islam. The message hijrah is beyond the physical migration. In essence, hijrah symbolises the transformation of self; transformation from darkness to enlightenment.
The sirah (history) of the Prophet’s s.a.w through the event of the hijrah had shown how early Muslims had strived to achieve success despite all the odds that they were facing. The Prophet s.a.w and his companions continued to work hard in spite of the tremendous challenges and limitations they were facing in Makkah.
The Prophet s.a.w showed that hard work, sheer determination and deep conviction in God will lead one to achieve their desired goals.
Hijrah is about harnessing the power of positivity and spreading goodness
The Prophet s.a.w. developed a community that spread goodness to others and contribute to larger humanity for the greater good of all. The Prophet s.a.w and his companions built a strong and cohesive community that focused on growth and transformations and chart their ways towards their eventual success.
They focused their transformation on liberating the people by emanating good values and demonstrating compassion or rahmah to one another.
The spirit of hijrah is beyond commemorating the historical event
Today, Muslims ought to continue charting our path of excellence and carrying the torch of our faith to spread goodness to others, regardless of faith and belief.
As a community, we need to ensure that we do not give up and continue to work hard to achieve success in this life, and hereafter. There will always be challenges in one’s path towards success, however, we should not use these limitations to dampen our spirits and continue to strive towards excellence.
Hijrah is about transforming oneself
Hijrah reminds us to always be a better person than yesterday. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. reminded us that, “Every person starts his day as a vendor of his soul, either freeing it or causing its ruin.” (Muslim)
Today, it is not about moving from one place to another to manifest the ethos of hijrah. Instead, it is about improving ourselves, our families, and our community continuously.
Hijrah is about spreading the message of love, peace and harmony
The Islam that the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. taught to his followers is an Islam that is full of love, mercy and compassion, not Islam that is full of hatred, violence and destruction.
This new year, let’s take time to reflect on our choices and actions. Have we been humble, kind? Do we give others the benefit of the doubt? Do we leave what does not concern us? Do we feed our neighbours? Are we sincere? Do we love for others what we love for ourselves? Do we benefit others? We all have something to improve on. What better time to start than today?

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