No Regret  For Agreeing With Muslims on (Tawhid) Monotheism- Reno Omokri 

Pastor and social critic ,Reno Omokri  has said that no amount of threats or insults would make him abandon his belief in the Islamic principle of(Tawhid)  monotheism.
Omokri reiterated that ” I am fully convinced in my spirit, soul and mind that there is only One God, and that He is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and that Yeshua Hamashiach is the Truth, the Way and the Life.
In his reaction  via official Facebook page ,Omokri said ” I do not believe in the Trinity, Christmas, Easter, and anything that is not in Scripture.
According  to him ,” reading through my comments section, I see a number of people telling me they are disappointed in me and will stop following me for extolling the Islamic principle of Tawhid, which I completely believe is compatible with the pure message of Yeshua Hamashiach.
“For those who are unaware of what Tawhid is, it just means that God is One and not divided into any multiples. This agrees with Deuteronomy 6:4:
“Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD.”
“Perhaps these people making these threats do not know me. God gave me an extraordinary ability to withstand almost anything. Hundreds of thousands of Obidients unfollowed me on multiple social media platforms, yet, it did not make me shift in my support for Waziri Atiku Abubakar for even a second.
If I can be that loyal to a mere mortal man, why will I be any less loyal to the Almighty God?
“No matter how you use logic and history, or culture or dogma to explain a principle you believe in, or argue it, my stand has always been that if it is not in Scripture, it is not in my picture. At the point of death, I will not change my mind.
“I believe that Yeshua Hamashiach is the only begotten Son of God. But I do not believe that He is God, or that He is God the Son. And Yeshua Himself never made such claims.
“I believe everything that comes out of Scripture, not everything that comes out of Rome, or London.
“If as a result you want to unfollow me, please HURRY and do so as quickly as you can!” Omokri said

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