Queen Naomi Explodes ! I am Bride Waiting To Be Dressed 

–  I love surprising people, she declares
Estranged wife of the Ooni of Ife, Queen Silekunola Naomi Ogunwusi has given fresh reason she could not return to the palace  in Ile-Ife saying ” I can’t be a square peg in a round hole”
Naomi who recently marked her 30th birth anniversary ruled out the possibility of her reconciling with Ooni of Ife ,Oba Enitan Ogunwusi.
The former Ooni Queen who broke the internet years ago with her unusual Royal Wedding disclosed that her experience in the palace had been “bittersweet “
She also said that her  journey has been the work of faith and endurance.
On why she would return to the Palace Queen said ” Do I look like someone who can survive in the midst of six mature and strong women? No! She is but a soft, strong, gentle woman and I can’t be a square peg in a round hole”
“It’s a different thing to be single and it is a different thing to be ready to mingle. But what I can say for sure is that I am a bride waiting to be dressed up”
The things that you expect to break me cannot break me because for every mistake that I have made, there is insurance. You can run anyhow if your car has insurance, you will be doing it anyhow. But if there is no insurance, if you drive anyhow, you will know.
For my life, there is insurance; for my marriage, there is insurance. Every aspect of my life is insured. I am that girl whom God has given the grace to eat her cake and have it.
“There is this song I used to sing, ‘Lord, you have been good to me, in all circumstances, in all circumstances, in all circumstances’.  I’m not perfect. The only thing I should regret is if I were to be God Himself.
“The things that you will say I did wrongly as an under 30-year-old, you, who is 60, can you do them right? If you were to wear my shoes, can you strut the runway? Can you walk and catwalk the way I have in these very odd shoes? If you can, then talk about regret to me. So, I’ve got no regrets.
“But for lessons, I’ll say; don’t be too trusting, don’t see life as black and white. There are many colours to life. Hold on firmly to God. In my experiences, I have learnt practical faith. Everything that is standing before you today is a work of faith. ” Nsomi said
On her plan for the future ,Naomi said ” I love surprising people. I want it to come and let everybody just wow! The world should just wait; there is something huge and beautiful. I am launching a business soon and quite a lot of other things. I will love to just announce it when it is here. Crusades are also coming.”

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