Queen’s burial: Prince Charles Snubbing blackman video Trends 

Reactions have begun to trail the alleged snubbing of a blackman by Prince Charles during burial of Queen Elizabeth 11.
King Charles III was accused of rac!sm after he refused to shake hands with a black man outside Buckingham Palace
In the viral video, the Prince was having handshakes with white people but skipped the process as soon as he got to the turn of a black man who was looking forward to exchanging pleasantries with him.
The almost one minutes video showed Prince Charles  admiring an assemblage of whites who had thronged the venue to catch the glimpse of  historic  event but suddenly  turned his face off when it was the turn of an unidentified blackman to have an handshake with him .
Surprisingly, Prince Charles later continued the handshake with other whites shortly after he left the black guy .
Some Nigerians who commented described the Prince Charles conduct ad reprehensible and provocative.

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