Reactions  Trail Trending Photo  of  Nigerian Youths Reckless Lifestyles 

Nigerians have continued to expresse concern about the dangerous lifestyles adopted by the youths who often relish  hard drugs..
A number of the youths who go clubbing nowadays usually share photographs  of their illicit acts on social media  without any recourse.
Many of them do share their diary while  others flaunt nude photos.
A concern Nigerian  MICHAEL OGUEKE  said “any wonder why majority of this present generation of ‘ youths in Nigeria reason and  speak like lunatics on social media…
“The hate, bitterness, incohorent logic, staggering ignorance, unbelievable gullibility, nauseating pettiness, reckless desperation, emotive carelessness, mental indolence & ceaseless complain over everything are definitely not from normal minds. ” he said

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