Undisputed Heavyweight Champion: Tyson Fury Protests Victory Awarded To Usky 


Tyson Fury suffered a split-decision points defeat in Saudi Arabia as Oleksandr Usyk became boxing’s first four-belt undisputed heavyweight champion.

Fury actually began well but was given a standing 10 count and saved by the bell after an Usyk onslaught in the ninth round.

In a tense wait for the scorecards to be read out, Fury appeared convinced of victory before a stony-faced Usyk broke down in tears when he was confirmed as the

Split decisions are always contentious, and Fury insisted that he deserved to win the fight.

“I believe I won that fight, I believe he won a few of the rounds, but I won the majority of them,” Fury said after the bout.

“We both put on a good fight. His country is at war, so people are siding with the country at war.

“Make no mistake, I won that fight in my opinion. We’ve got a rematch clause. I’ve had a split decision loss to a good little man. We run it back in October. Well done Oleksandr.”

On social media, fans were fuming that Fury used the Russian invasion of Ukraine as an excuse for two of the judges siding with his opponent.

“Fury ABSOLUTELY TASTELESS saying they’ve picked Usyk because Ukraine are at war???” one fans wrote on X.

Another said: “‘They’re siding with the country in war’. Classy as always Tyson mate.”

A third fan commented: “He lost the fight because he spent too much time backpedaling, & pot shotting. Usyk outworked him – no matter what country is at war, It was a good decision.”

A rematch clause in the fight contract means the Fury and Usyk will meet again in October.

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