By Sirajudeen Abdulazeez Folayemi
When i watched the unveiling of Shettima and listened to his speech, i could not control my tears! What aroused my emotion was the fact that, Muslims have consistently been empowering the Christian in the north not minding their ethnicity. Ahmadu Bello took Nzeogwu from the street adopted him, named him Kaduna and made him one of the finest soldier Nigeria ever produced (even though Kaduna was to later killed his adopted father and benefactor)!
Just as Shettima in the north, other Muslims who have tasted position of authority and influence in the South have also assisted and empowered Christians, their children and even their heritage! Professor (Pastor) Yemi Osinbajo’s rise to fame can not be concluded without mentioning Prince AbdulJabar Bola Ajibola con.
Some of the Muslim Philanthropist even donated and build Churches. MKO was one of the first donor to the building of the National Ecumenical Center Abuja! Politically Ahmed Bola Tinubu Produced John Kayode Fayemi! Buruji Kashamu supported the political Prosperity of Fayose! Despite these historical fact, the Christian hates the Muslim and Islamic heritage with passion!
The real issue i am driving at is do we have a Powerful and influential Christian from the South who can come out and give a similar narrative about Muslims he empowered Politically, socially and economically without forcefully converting them? Bishop Oyedepo not only boycotted his extended Muslim Family but told them they either accept Christ or they will die in poverty!
Even our fathers were asked to choose between Western Education and their faith in Allah! Those who were ready to access Western Education were forcefully converted.
We must get it right this time around else our next generation will suffer for our mistake!
Amir Sirajudeen Abdulazeez Folayemi
Political and Religious Analyst.

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